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Smiling Volunteers

We always want to have trained volunteers ready to work with those seeking help.


Unsure what your role could look like? Reach out to

Nicole Lopez at (720)853-8988 or to learn about volunteer opportunities. Help us support those looking for help #Porchlightfjc

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  • Guest Care Volunteer: Working closely with FJC staff, a Guest Care Volunteer will work directly with guests and may assist with the following duties: assisting the Receptionist with answering phones, greeting incoming guests, and meeting guest needs; assisting Intake staff; managing the Family Lounge, escorting guests through the facility and to appointments when appropriate; general office support

  • Children’s Room Volunteer: Youth and childcare volunteers will assist FJC staff and guests by monitoring the children’s play room area and assisting with children’s activities.

  • Administrative Volunteer: Working under the supervision of the FJC staff, Administrative Volunteers will provide administrative support to the FJC.

  • Special Projects/Outreach Volunteer: Working under the supervision of the FJC staff, Special Project/Outreach Volunteers will provide support in specific areas of need.

  • Intake Volunteer: Working under the supervision of the FJC staff, Intake Volunteers will provide support in assessing needs and providing a comfortable atmosphere.

  • Additional positions: Fundraising, event planning, landscaping and shuttle driver!

For more volunteer information search PorchLight FJC on Volunteer Match, Idealist and Create the Good

We Need Your Support Today!

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